Since 1994, Factor Gas Liquids, Inc. has been providing quality energy products and refinery/petrochemical feedstocks to a variety of businesses domestically and internationally. Our established supply and sales network guarantees we reach markets throughout North America supplying propane, butanes, olefins, natural gasoline, gasoline blend stocks and other petroleum based products. Our U.S. subsidiary, Factor Energy, specializes in propane sales throughout the U.S.

Factor Sudbury Terminal

We pride our business in having a flexible, diverse, and reliable product supply chain. Not only do we provide quality products, but the services we offer go above and beyond the expectations of our clientele. For instance, we offer multiple contractual options to best suit the needs of each individual customer’s business, reducing the administrative burden for our suppliers and customers. Factor provides total transportation, terminalling, fractionation, production accounting, sales, marketing and logistics services.

Our knowledge and combined 150 years experience in energy marketing and logistics guarantees tremendous value to the service we provide. Our team acts as trusted advisors to help determine the best pipeline, truck, rail, storage, waterborne, fractionation, supply and logistics options for our customers. The relationships we have created with suppliers in the industry make it possible for us to provide customers with multiple supply options throughout different markets and allow us to transport products throughout North America seamlessly.

The value of working with Factor as a supplier or customer is unmatched. We have an organizational culture that demonstrates mutual respect, trust, creativity, empowerment, positive attitude, leadership, and teamwork.