Selling Your Terminal, Propane, or Butane Business? Call Factor Gas Liquids.

Selling your Terminal, Propane, or Butane Business?

We have an exciting, growth-focused culture at Factor with a reach spanning across North America.

If you're considering selling your NGL business now or in the future, we are interested, and want to be your first choice.


Top Acquisition Priorities for our growth strategy are:

  • Terminals – Propane, Butane, Condensate, Crude, or Refined Products

  • Propane Retail Companies

  • Butane Blending Operations

  • Equipment – Transloaders, tanks, or other NGL related equipment

Why Factor Gas Liquids?

We offer a confidential acquisition and discovery process where you, your customers, and your employees will be treated with the upmost respect and professionalism.

Factor has a wide supply reach, and through our own, or our own, or partner assets we have a lot to offer to maintain the legacy that you’ve built, and grow it further through:

  • Access to most cost-effective supply markets

  • A targeted approach to expand to new markets, and new customers

  • Terminal access, both new and existing

  • Asset growth

  • Our combined experience

For more information please contact:

Marc Meunier

Manager – Commercial Development